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Innovare per crescere in modo sostenibile e inclusivo

We Explore and Use Emerging Technologies

A business with a purpose

Planetario Srl is an innovative startup and benefit company that leads the world of e-commerce towards a sustainable and socially responsible future. Our activity stands out for a distinctive approach aimed at reducing environmental impact and promoting citizen well-being. In fact, we are committed to marketing a vast range of products and services, encouraging conscious commercial paths, in the name of maximum environmental sustainability, advanced technology and social responsibility.

Sustainable e-commerce

Every phase of our commercial process is based on a sustainable and ecological approach. We are committed to raising consumer awareness about responsible purchasing by offering a careful selection of eco-friendly products. We encourage commercial paths based on green principles, promoting energy saving, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

An innovative network

Our success is fueled by a solid and diverse network. Through strategic partnerships with major companies such as SNJ Media Studio e Falcontech FZE, we are able to combine experience and vision, oriented towards innovation in both online and offline commerce. Thanks to the collaboration with the commercial partner Falcontech FZE, we actively promote economic-financial and internationalization activities. At the same time, the synergy with technology partner SNJ Media Studio allows us to adopt cutting-edge technologies to optimize customer decision-making such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing (NLP).

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Mission and Vision

Our Mission:
Revolutionize the way companies interact with technology, providing innovative solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and NoCode/LowCode automations, to transform data into strategic decisions and optimize business processes.

Our Vision: To become the technological partner of reference for companies that aspire to dominate the digital age, driving innovation and transformation in an increasingly connected and automated world.

Artificial intelligence represents an epochal turning point in the history of humanity, with the potential to radically transform all sectors of our society.
Sundar Pichai (CEO di Google)

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